Picking up Loose Change


You walk past it every day.

Usually you don’t even see it. The times you do, it’s easier to hurry on your way instead of stop, bend down, and scoop it up.

I’m talking about loose change.

The spare pennies and nickels, pence and cents. They gather on sidewalks and in parking lots. Forgotten. Castaways.

The same thing happens in marketing.

You get so focused on the big wins that you walk past countless other opportunities.

It’s totally understandable. The big, life-changing opportunities are sexy and exciting. They’re what get you out of bed every morning — why you got started in business in the first place.

Would you jump on those?

Of course. Just as certainly as you’d stop your walk to pick up a 100 dollar greenback.

The smaller opportunities aren’t sexy. They might not be worth much individually…

But a funny thing happens when you start grabbing them: they pile up!

I’ll never forget taking all the change I’d gathered over one summer to the bank and leaving the place 600 bucks better off.

It’s an important lesson to remember in marketing.

Expensive, multi-channel campaigns are exciting and can give your business a huge boost. But it’s the smaller, “loose change” stuff — the daily blogging, outreach, networking, emailing — that will sustain you.

So maybe it’s time to shift your focus…

What can you do TODAY to introduce your brand to ONE more person than yesterday? How can you build the relationship?

It might not be much. Just a tiny, seemingly insignificant step.

But that’s OK. Wake up tomorrow, do it again, and keep doing it until you look back and find yourself with an empire.

It’s SO easy to get overwhelmed with all the digital marketing channels, tactics, and tools.

By all means, do your best to keep up with that stuff. But never at the expense of forgetting what marketing is *truly* about: small, incremental increases in visibility and relationships.

Picking up loose change.

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