Freelance Copywriting

Advertisers used to be able to buy people’s attention with an open checkbook…

But those days are quickly coming to an end.

Online is a lot like the Wild West. There are a million shiny objects competing for your attention… and not enough time in the day to get through them all.

Attention is the lifeblood of the digital economy.

You only get a second or two to grab it, hang on to it, and turn it into action that grows your business. Otherwise you’re losing ground to your competitors.

How can you do it?

How can you make the most of your limited opportunities and get your visitors engaged and ready to buy?

My web copywriting services will help…

Benefits of Copy Arc Web Copywriting

Leverages proven direct-response copywriting principles and applies them to engage and persuade your target customers on the web

Get results-oriented copy engineered to get inside the minds of your readers and trigger their emotional hot buttons

Ethical, “sleaze-free” promotion that creates leads and customers without relying on gimmicks or manipulative tactics

What You’ll Get

  • Comprehensive research and analysis of your product/service to maximize the appeal to your website visitors
  • Irresistible headlines that grab attention and get people receptive to reading more
  • Compelling sales copy that hangs on to attention and converts it into desire for what you’re selling
  • Calls to action that get people to stop hesitating and act while their interest is white hot
  • Sales appeals guided by an understanding of buyer psychology and tailored to make your target customers “tick”
  • A razor-sharp focus on results that matter – leads, customers, and repeat customers
  • Up to 2 rounds of revisions

What If I Don’t Have a Software Business?

No problem!

I focus mostly on content for growing software brands. But I’m comfortable researching, writing and marketing in a wide variety of niches, with an eye toward breaking down technical subjects into easily-digestible content.

I’ve worked extensively in health and fitness, healthcare, self-improvement and other lifestyle markets, and would be happy to discuss working with you in a different niche. Check out my portfolio to find out more.

Okay, Great. How Much is This Going to Cost?

My pricing structure for web copywriting is simple…

I charge a flat rate depending on the scope of the project. This rate applies whether you need a sales page, email autoresponder series, or anything else. This could change a bit depending on your specific project requirements, but the number below is a solid estimate.

Web copywriting: from $250 / 1,000 words

I’m committed to you getting an excellent return on your copywriting investment. My reasonable rates reflect that.

With that being said, if a discount price is more important to you than value, we probably aren’t a good match. I wish you all the greatest success. But I’m looking for clients who want the best – people who understand web copy is an investment that’ll pay off for months and years down the line.

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