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Top-shelf content establishes you as a leader in your niche. It builds credibility, brings in leads and sales, and turns your website into an automated marketing machine. But only if you’re doing it right. Is yours living up to its full potential?  

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Using storytelling to help businesses get more leads, customers, and sales online

Business Blogging

Tired of agonizing over blog posts… only to have them flop when it’s time to captivate readers? Premium articles will engage your readers, generate leads and buyers, and help you stand out from all the other boring business blogs.

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Web Copywriting

It doesn’t matter what kind of software you’re selling. You’ll lose customers to competitors if you don’t showcase its full value. Get the web copy you need to grab attention, put your best foot forward, and persuade visitors to become buyers.

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Content a la Carte

Looking for a report, white paper, or eBook to put your content marketing strategy into action? Now’s your chance. Mix and match my writing services to get the killer content – and 100% custom solution – your software business needs.

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Because you deserve to:

Create deep connections with your visitors and turn them into raving fans

 Publish content that pays off in leads and customers for years to come

Turn your website into an ethical sales machine that runs on auto pilot

“Corey’s one of the best writers I’ve worked with. He does an amazing job of researching new topics and writing content that directly speaks to our readers. He’s responsive and is always able to quickly integrate my feedback into each project.”

- Ruben Gamez, Founder, Bidsketch

Ruben Gamez

We’ve hired Corey to write numerous reports and books for us over the last year. Most freelancers that we work with are flaky and they usually under-deliver on content – Corey does the exact opposite. He delivers stuff on time, and I’m always impressed by how in depth his research is. Highly recommended.”

-Justin Goff, Founder, Gym Junkies

Justin Goff

“Corey has been a huge part of my content marketing strategy at Convert Themes. He has the ability to tackle a wide range of topics, especially in the world of conversion optimization. His voice, versatility and quality of work is fantastic and personally I enjoy working with him!”

-Jen Gordon, Founder, Convert Themes

Jen Gordon

“Everyone knows that content is king when it comes to online marketing. But it actually goes beyond that – quality content is really what drives engagement and response. That’s exactly what Corey provides, writing of the highest quality that also has a personality and tells a story. We always get enthusiastic responses from our readers to his posts.

In addition to the caliber of his writing, Corey is a true professional who has a passion for his craft. Always delivering on schedule, he takes the time to thoroughly research his topics, adds relevant headings, links and illustrations, and has the rare ability to take a technical subject and make it familiar and understandable.”

-Arun Sivashankaran, Founder, Funnel Envy

Arun Sivashankaran

Want to see how to use storytelling to captivate readers and turn them into hungry buyers?

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