The Beauty of Shoestring Marketing Budgets

“More, More, More!”

If modern western culture could speak, those would be its first words.

It makes me think of a kid screaming for you to push her higher on the swing — even though if you did more than what you’re doing now, you would send her flying over the swing set.

Wouldn’t life be grand if you had more time, more money to play around with, more customers?

Not necessarily.

Sometimes, sure. But more is not a panacea that cures every ailment.

It’s easy to fall into this kind of thinking when every TV commercial you see, every friend you talk to, is discussing their newest purchase.

But what if you’re already trying to do too much?

That is the default setting for entrepreneurs anyway. We think if we just throw more hours at a problem, things will eventually work out .

Here’s the thing:

Five half-assed marketing efforts is worth WAY less than one whole-assed effort.

If you split your time (and cash) between a bunch of different things, you might not ever reach critical mass in any of them. You spread yourself too thin.

Shoestring budgets and crushing schedules force your hand here. It’s minimalism by default… or nothing at all.

Even if you’re past that point, imagine that you aren’t.

Say you had half the marketing time and money you do right now. If you needed to generate the same results, which things would you keep and which would you cut out?

To really push yourself, ask:

“What would I do if my time and marketing budget were halved, but I needed to double the results?”

Consider this earnestly. This isn’t just a brain exercise, because, odds are, you already have an idea what’s working well and what to leave out. And if you don’t, there’s the beauty of digital marketing. You have all the data!

When you start seeing them as friends instead of overbearing parents, CONSTRAINTS can be beautiful.

Let your competitors and everyone else drive themselves mad trying to “do it all.”

Take a deep breath. Think things through. Figure out how to get more out of less.

In a world where everyone wants more, stand tall and proud… a minimalist.

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