Customers Are Kittens. Are You Spraying Water on Them?

So, there’s this cat that lives across the street.

I use the term “lives” loosely. This bundle of sass and orange fur spends about 75% of her time chilling in my yard. Or sunning on my doorstep.

(Not a bad life I say. But I digress…)

Anyway, the way this cat behaves–let’s just say it makes it abundantly clear why I am a dog person.

Every time I try to be too nice to this cat (her name’s “Monkey” – makes things confusing), she glares at me and slips away to my neighbor’s house.

But when I ignore her–when I step over as I walk up the stairs without even batting an eye?

She EATS it up.

The people you want to become your customers are like this. They’re kittens. Not puppies.

Puppies are happy all the time. Forever loyal. Alway ready to play.

But kittens are fickle. Come on too strong, and they’re out of there.

I’m not saying you should IGNORE your potential customers…

But you can’t NEED them.

The difference between wanting someone and needing them is the difference between a happy marriage and counseling sessions for codependency.

This neediness might be shining through in your marketing messages.

Standard copywriting advice: show your enthusiasm! Get excited!

That’s important. No one wants to buy from a robot. But it’s easy to take it TOO FAR…

You end up trying to convince anyone and everyone that your product is “right for them.” It doesn’t work. You’re bathing yourself in the putrid cologne of Desperation.

So take a second to go through your copy:

Is anything coming off as too “try hard?”

Don’t be afraid to piss some people off.

Don’t’ be afraid to put up some velvet ropes.

You aren’t trying to sell to everyone.

It’s a balance game. Want them (but don’t need them) and you’ll have those kittens purring on your lap in no time.

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