You Are Not Alone

There’s a reason why, out of all the emails I send and blog posts I write, this title will have one of the highest open rates.

Go ahead and steal it.


This type of appeal will work in every niche under the sun.


Because just knowing they “aren’t the only one” struggling with a problem is almost as important to people as solving the problem itself.

We humans are strange.

But it’s how we’re wired…

If we think we’re the only person in existence to have ever faced an obstacle, it becomes that much harder to overcome it.

That changes when we know we aren’t alone.

When we can share our misery at the office water cooler and elicit nods of understanding instead of blank looks… that’s when our problem seems much more manageable.

It isn’t enough to be miserable. Most of us have a tendency to want to share that misery – to agonize over it and dissect it into little pieces.

The most compelling websites give visitors permission to do this…

They’re like virtual “therapist couches” where visitors can finally find understanding.

Are you doing this on your website?

Are you assuring visitors that there’s nothing wrong with them?

That other people have shared their struggle and overcame it?

That they can overcome it too?

In a world where “community” is a thing of the past and hardly anyone knows their neighbors anymore, a little understanding goes a long way.