Tapping into the Power of Rituals to Supercharge Your Content

One of the most compelling parts of storytelling is the ritual.

It doesn’t matter if you’re reading a business website, watching a movie, or just listening to a friend at lunch.

There’s a song and dance that goes on.

The scene is set.

Major players are introduced.

Those players run into problems.

The tension ratchets up until you just can’t take it anymore…

And then: BOOM!

There’s a climax, and a resolution.

This goes for every type of story. It doesn’t matter if it’s a engaging web copy or Hollywood’s latest romantic comedy.

We all know how the basic pattern goes. We’ve been exposed to it since we were little kids.

The ritual is part of what makes storytelling so powerful.

With all the changing trends and technology out there, it’s nice to have something you can rely on.

Something familiar.

Something comfortable.

Everyone’s worried about the latest, greatest traffic generation strategy. Or the new split-testing tool that could increase opt-ins by up to 3%.

I’m not saying that stuff can’t make a difference. It can (and certainly does)…

But it’s more like the proverbial “icing on the cake” than the main course.

The best content marketers focus on the essentials: telling irresistible stories.

They weave spells with their words that build relationships and drive sales.

They tap into the full potential of ritual to win people over.

Their content is good, but it’s also consistent.

People come to expect it – like a morning cup of coffee.

Is that what you’re giving them?

Or are you letting visitors lose steam ad motivation to buy from you?

In a world of chaos and endless distractions, wouldn’t it be nice to give your visitors something they can count on?

You can do that for them.

You can get more people to know, like, and trust you if you’re willing to be consistent with your content.

This can be your “secret sauce.” It can trump a lack of resources or experience or other shortcomings that put you at a disadvantage to your competitors.

And the more often you tell stories, the better they’ll get.

You can see what works and refine your message. You can set expectations – and over-deliver on them – while your competitors’ inconsistent efforts turn them into strangers in their visitors’ minds…

But only if you get started right away.