How to Make More Money: 12 Killer Free Resources

You don’t need me to tell you there’s a boatload of information about how to make more money.

99.99% of it is total hogwash.  And with access to the Internet easier than ever before, there’s no shortage of charlatans, wannabes, and gurus spewing nonsense from their little online platforms.

Everyone’s an “expert.”  Everyone has an opinion.

Here’s the thing.  If you aren’t careful about what you choose to learn – and who you learn it from – you’ll waste mountains of time unlearning drivel when you should be focusing on legitimate advice.

Becoming successful in business already requires talent, determination, and good fortune.  So there’s no reason to make it harder on yourself by blindly accepting nonsense as gospel.

If you want to be the very best, you have to become extremely selective about the people to whom you lend your ear.

Where do you start?

How to Make More Money: 12 People Worth Listening To

The list laid out below isn’t exhaustive.  But the experts named actually used the techniques they teach to make their fortunes.  They know what it takes to sell.  If you don’t find a particular resource useful, don’t force yourself to follow it.  Use what works for you.  Above all else, apply the collected knowledge and keep learning as you go.

  • The Gary Halbert Newsletter Archives.  One of the best copywriters ever and a personal favorite of mine.  Prior to his death, Gary used to publish a marketing newsletter.  His sons continue to maintain his website and have made numerous issues of the newsletter available for free.  The archives serve as a great introduction into copywriting, product creation, and buyer psychology.  Read every one you can get your hands on.
  • Gary Bencivenga’s Marketing Bullets.  This hugely successful copywriter has taken it upon himself to distill decades of experience into essential “marketing bullets” (he’s up to 29 of them at the time I’m writing this).  Subscribe to his website and get them emailed to you one at a time, or check out the full list and read them through at one sitting.  Whatever you do, just make sure you read them and apply them in your business.
  • Seth Godin’s Blog.  His posts are short, frequent, and often cryptic.  But they’re priceless exposure to the proper mindset you need to succeed.  His business philosophy – providing as much value as you can and picking yourself to succeed – really resonate with me.
  • John Carlton’s “The Rant.”  John Carlton is a copywriter and Gary Halbert’s former business partner.  His blog is politically incorrect, no-nonsense, and entertaining as hell.  There are tons of great life lessons in there, often branching out of copywriting into entrepreneurship and how to trust the sound of your own voice – even if everyone else is telling you to play it safe.  I can’t recommend it enough.
  • Ben Settle.  Ben has taken the email marketing niche and made it his personal playground.  Sign up for his daily emails to see firsthand how he gets inside the mind of his prospects and sells them for as long as it takes (every day!) until he either drives them away with his “repulsion marketing” technique or persuades them to invest in his products.
  • Ryan Healy.  Ryan’s been a copywriter for over a decade now.  His blog is full of information about how to increase response rates, create better products, and grow your business.  Subscribe to make sure you get the newest content (he updates his site often), as well as an incredibly useful 39-point “conversion checklist” he created to help you write the most persuasive ads.
  • Copyblogger.  This popular site focuses on a hybrid approach of blogging and copywriting.  Use what you find here to write better headlines, capture valuable attention, and build customer trust in today’s information overload society.  Sonia Simone’s post about “Harpoon vs. Net” marketing is my personal favorite.
  • Social Triggers.  Derek Halpern’s site focuses on the psychology of persuasion.  You won’t find a lot of “nuts and bolts” copywriting stuff here, but plenty of practical tips about how to get inside the minds of your prospects and make your message as persuasive as possible.
  • Craig Ballantyne.  His Internet Independence project, with the purpose of helping a thousand people achieve financial freedom using the internet, will open your eyes about what it takes to be a winner in today’s economy.  Beyond copywriting, he touches on the importance of having a long-term vision, productivity and time management, and the willingness to push yourself as long and as hard as it takes to find success.
  • Jason Leister.  A great resource for freelancers and other independent types.  Jason is a successful freelance copywriter specializing in info products.  His “Art of Clients” newsletter also exposes you to different aspects of freelance life, including generating leads, screening potential clients, and attracting sophisticated, high-paying clientele.
  • I Love Marketing Podcast.  This brainchild of Dean Jackson and Joe Polish (who remind me a lot of The Odd Couple) is full of useful nuggets from two guys who’ve experienced a lot of success in marketing, both online and offline.  Their podcast has over 100 episodes, and covers everything from creating better offers, direct response, premiums, branding, etc.
  • Frank Kern.  He’s a polarizing figure in the internet marketing world, but when you come across someone who touches things and makes them turn to gold, it’s worth your while to pay attention.  He doesn’t send emails too often, but when he does they’re good to study because his style is funny, honest, and persuasive.  Especially good for young ad writers trying to find a voice.  Frank will get you to give up on that quest and just trust in your own.

One More Thing…

There’s a lot of priceless information contained in the resources above.  But it’s only priceless if you take it and apply it in your business.  Don’t let it sit around in your mind gathering dust.  It isn’t worth a penny that way.  Get out there and put it to use.

It’s O.K. if you don’t get it perfect the first time.  The main thing is to keep learning, keep moving, and keep growing.  Which means being willing to make mistakes, and when do you, having the capacity to be honest enough with yourself to point out where you can improve.

P.S.  Did I leave anyone out?  If you enjoy any other awesome resources about making more money, leave a comment and let me know.