What is Your Story?

You’re trying to make money.  Fair enough.

You want to crack the Da Vinci Code and unlock the secrets of buyer psychology.

You want techniques, tips, and trade secrets that make people receptive to your offers.  You want to master the mechanics of making money on your own terms.

And if you’re especially new to the business world, you might want a blueprint or a five-step plan.

Everyone wants more money.  From the guy selling oranges on the street corner to the sharks filling the boardrooms of multinational conglomerates.

There are a ton of useful techniques out there to help.  That’s what this site is all about.  You can (and should) read about them so you can learn as much as you can.

But you’ll never really separate yourself – in terms of authenticity and profitability – unless you can offer a thoughtful answer to the following question:

“What is your story?”

Every business has a story just like every person has a story.  That’s all businesses are: groups of people on joint moneymaking adventures.

Whether you proactively define your story or let your prospects fill in the blanks for you is your call.

If someone stumbles across your website, they probably don’t care about your business’ logo or its slick navigation.  And they definitely don’t care about what you’re selling . . . unless you do a good job of showing them how your offer will change their lives.

Let your prospects define your story for you, and you won’t like how it turns out.  People don’t have time to pick apart your business and figure out what it’s all about.  So they’ll lump you into the “guy just trying to make another buck” bin.

Stereotypical?  Perhaps.  But true?  You better believe it.

Your story is your way to make people care.   

For every pair of shoes you buy from them, Tom's Shoes donates a pair to a needy child . . . who wouldn't want to be a part of THAT story?

For every pair you buy, Tom’s Shoes donates a pair to a needy child . . . who wouldn’t want to be part of that story?

Why are you doing what you’re doing . . . beyond the making money part?  There have to be reasons why you chose your unique combination of niche, products, and target market.

Why should someone buy from you?  What separates you from all the other chumps other there trying to make rent next month?

Do you have customers, or do you have true fans who’ve bought into your story?  Do you have even one fan?

Take some time, and, more importantly, effort, to ask yourself and answer these difficult questions.

You can get by and sometimes do pretty well without doing this.  But your story is what ultimately separates you from all the other wannabes.  It’s what makes you irreplaceable and ensures long-term profitability.

And when you have a story, you never have to worry about pesky “branding” issues again.

Your story . . . what you’re all about . . . is your best brand.

P.S. What is your story?  How do you use it in  your business ventures?  Leave me a comment and let me know.