Are You Too “Straight-Laced” for Financial Greatness?

Ever break the law?

You’ll have to, if you ever want to taste financial greatness.

The “Law of Financial Gravity” exerts its pull on slackers and hard-drivers alike.

It plucks you from Mom and Dad’s basement, the Sigma Chi frat house, or wherever else you may be found.

The Law funnels you into a “cozy” corporate environment.  It decrees that a modest salary, two weeks’ paid vacation, and a 401(k) is a reasonable exchange for the value you provide to society.

If you follow it to the letter, you can rest easy at night from your three-bedroom (bank-owned) home in the suburbs.

Financial Gravity is universal in its influence and unjust in its application.

You might catch glimpses of its seedy underbelly when staff meetings, employee handbooks, and the beating war drums of office politics begin to rain down on you like Newton’s apples.

But you won’t recognize the full extent of its power until that awful epiphany when you realize that Society’s chosen “career path” has led you (unwittingly) into a prolonged siege on your childhood dreams.

It’s logically impossible to achieve extraordinary results on a mediocre path.  The sooner you realize this, the better.

You don’t just “stumble upon” what it feels like to be a world-class artist or own a yacht.

You probably wouldn't find him gossiping over at the water cooler...

You probably wouldn’t find him gossiping over at the water cooler…

But defying this Law doesn’t require 40 tons of steel and rivets or rocket boosters.  It simply requires an honest choice: the decision not to settle for the norm.


If you’re looking for the easy way out, financial greatness isn’t it.

People you know won’t take your decision lightly.  Old friends will turn against you and family members will waver between support and unhinged jealousy.   But you have to be ready and willing to overlook this.

You need to commit to be an outlaw for life.

Petty offenders or opportunists need not apply.