Why You Should Stop Worrying about Hurting People’s Feelings…

Want to write better ads?

Stop trying to make everyone happy…

Easier said than done, I know.  Especially when the urge to win the approval of parents, teachers, bosses, and various authority figures has been pounded into you as long as you can remember.

Not worrying about turning a few prospects OFF with your ads can make them more effective.

Not worrying about turning a few prospects OFF with your ads can make them more effective.

The real world doesn’t work that way; it’s quick to teach us that.  “Everyone” doesn’t always win.

In the “school of hard knocks,” life never fails to deliver these lessons, often with a delicious twist of irony…

Anyways, if you’re like me sometimes it’s hard to remember that.  You still want everyone to win.  You still want everyone to like you.

That notion (not bad at all, but unrealistic sometimes) can easily infect the words you choose to promote your business.  Ads, direct mail, websites, emails… everything.

Aside from being idealistic, creating ads to make Everyone (with a capital ‘E’) happy actually weakens them.

They come off as impersonal, overly enthusiastic, and just… ineffective.

This can be the silent killer in what would’ve been an otherwise successful promotion piece.

So, what can you do about this?

Stop worrying about making people happy.  Start worrying about how you can use your ads to screen customers in addition to making people want to buy your stuff.

You could:

  • Tailor your sales message to address a certain gender, occupation, or age group
  • Bring up the pricetag of your product early and openly… especially if it’s high
  • Talk about why your product wouldn’t help certain people
  • Set up a series of steps prospects must complete before they get the chance to buy
  • Among other things…

Does this turn people off?


But it’s worth it.  Adding “qualifiers” like these to your ads changes the focus of the message… from everyone and his mother to your best potential customers.

You might get fewer leads, but the leads will be better.  More profitable.

The closer you screen for your ideal prospect, the more persuasive the ad becomes.  Your ad will reach the right eyes, and when the prospect reads it they’ll feel like you’re talking to them directly.  Because you are!

It’s important not to go overboard with this.  There’s a fine balance between offending the right people and offending… Everyone.  Get in touch here to see how I can help.