Stop Trying to be Superman

All of those prospects in pain…

And so little time!

You can’t save them all.

But too many businesses are pretending like they can.

Their websites present them as a Swiss Army Knife (with all the nifty attachments) solution that can cure all of their visitors’ ills.

A business like this fashions itself as kind of “online Superman.” By hook or by crook, they’re dead set on helping out every freaking person who stumbles onto their website.

This line of thinking is understandable – who wouldn’t want to turn every hit into a paying customer – but it isn’t profitable.

Superman can fly and throw a truck through the air so far it disappears…

(There’s a reason why he’s a comic book character.)

Let’s put all the cards on the table here. I can’t help every potential customer. And neither can you.

This isn’t exactly a rah rah post, but it isn’t meant to discourage you either.

Identifying where your strengths and weaknesses lie – and figuring out how to serve people only from a place of strength – is the first step to improving your customers’ experience.

So you can’t help out Everyone (with a capital ‘E’) who comes to your website. Big deal. Neither can anyone else!

It’s amazing what happens when you stop catering to everyone.

Instead of trying to make your business fit a wide range of needs, you get to focus on serving the people whose situations line up perfectly with your unique skill-set. There’s clarity instead of confusion.

It’s time to stop trying to be Superman and become a new kind of hero: “Awareness Man” (or “Awareness Gal.”)

That’s the first step to taking your business to the next level. And it’s one a lot of people are too afraid, complacent, or ego-driven to take.

With awareness, you know what you do well and what you struggle with. You reorganize your business so you can spend more time doing what you’re already good at. That time investment makes you great, which leads to higher prices, happier customers, and more business.

Are you acting like a chameleon – trying to mold your business to suit every possible situation and need?

Or are you sorting the people you can help the most from your pool of visitors and prospects?

You can help some people – your tribe – better than anyone else in the world. So hang up your cape and focus on them.

Leave Superman for the comic books.