Stop Firing Marketing Blanks

Know what sucks?

When you spend a ton of time, effort, and cash trying out marketing techniques… only to have them TANK.

Look. Marketing techniques can (and do) work extremely well. But which one works best changes all the time though. It’s maddening to see one of your favorites slowly become obsolete.

There’s another way:

You can base your marketing on timeless principles. Then you can use techniques selectively to apply those principles.

Principles show you how to get attention, build relationships, and motivate people to buy what you’re selling. They can’t be outdated or replaced.

There’s no shortage of marketing advice focusing on techniques…

But there are only a few places that give you a good rundown on principles.

Gary Bencivenga’s Marketing Bullets is one of those places.

Bencivenga is the real deal. He’s a great storyteller. Not to mention, one of the most successful copywriters alive.

He was kind enough to break down invaluable marketing principles into short, easy to digest “marketing bullets.” And they’re 100% free!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner, a marketer, or fledgling copywriter. If you’re even remotely interested in making money, you need to read these.

They’re short, but take your time.

These gems are PACKED full of value and actionable insights.

Study the best to become the best.

It’s time to load your marketing gun with some better bullets.