The Bruce Lee School of Business Promotion

I’ve been in a bit of a martial arts kick lately.  No pun intended.

Seriously considering joining a school after I do some more research.

Anyways, my current fascination is Bruce Lee.  The more I learn about the guy, the more I realize he was SO much more than just a really ripped martial artist.

He had a lifelong obsession with philosophy, collecting hundreds of books from different authors and time periods.

All his studying led him to the conclusion that no single philosophy was complete…

Bruce Lee: warrior, philosopher, and modern-day renaissance man.

Bruce Lee: warrior, philosopher, and modern-day renaissance man.

So he created his own philosophy bassed on the following simple principle:

Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.

This flexible framework resonates with me deeply.  I think it’s valuable for health, wealth, and living a better life in general.

Bruce Lee studied traditional martial arts like Kung Fu.  But he was sharp enough to recognize the danger of falling into rigid ideologies.  Of stagnating.

The internet’s full of “gurus” promising the One True Way to Success in business and life.  Some of them are particularly charismatic.

Logically, all of them can’t possibly be right.

They’re not all wrong, either.

My view is that each success story out there can offer you a few key pieces to get you to the next level.  You miss out on maximizing your potential if you cling on to the ONE method.

Here’s the trick: you don’t know which parts of a book, podcast, seminar, etc. will be the most beneficial for you right now until after you implement the ideas.

Don’t become so attached to one fountain of advice (not even mine) that you miss the lush oasis just over the next sand dune.

Don’t be be afraid to experiment.

Keep what works.

Dump the rest.

And continue to learn and challenge your cherished assumptions.

You can’t lose like this.  Keeping a limber mind with today’s rapidly-changing technology will imbue your actions with a competitive edge.

If you’ve gotten comfortable with the current state of your marketing and advertising, maybe it’s time to shake things up.

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