Copywriting For Beginners

Copywriting For Beginners

How to Turn the Words on Your Website into a Compelling Message That Gets Sales

The words on your website can make or break you.

Even with an outstanding product or service, it’s tough to get people to pay attention with all the distractions online.  Lose someone for half a second, and they’re gone for good.

That’s why I put together this copywriting for beginners page for you.  You probably don’t have the time or inclination to become an expert copywriter, but you can take what you find here, apply it on your website, and get more business.

Here are 6 of my best articles that break down basic copywriting principles and techniques to make your web copy more compelling:

The Foundation: What You Need to Know about What Makes People “Tick”

1.  You can’t use the words on your website to get business if you don’t know how to appeal to your prospects’ self-interest.  This article shows you 6 ways how to do it.

Why Rampant Human Greed Should Make You Feel All Warm and Fuzzy Inside (if You Want to Make Mad Cash)

2.  What makes people buy?  Are they driven by emotions?  Logic?  Both?  This article clears up a common misconception and shows you how to walk the line… and it uses a character from Star Trek to do it.

Why Spock Would be the Worst Salesman in the World

The Nuts and Bolts: How to Apply Sales Psychology Effectively to Get More Business

3.  The words on your website can make or break you, and your headlines make or break those words.  If you can’t catch a prospect’s interest and get them intrigued enough to read more, they’re off to buy from one of your competitors.  This article shows you how to do just that.

Three Steps to Writing Irresistible Headlines (and Getting More People to Read Your Ads)

4.  The job’s not done just because you have a great headline.  Now’s the time to take people’s initial interest, channel it in the right direction, and pump up their desire to buy.  This article shows you how.

Writing Copy and Want a “Recipe” for More Conversions?  Use Paula Deen’s Secret Ingredient…

5.  If people stop reading what’s on your website too early, you lose.  This article discusses a common reason why people stop.  Way too many businesses make this mistake, and they don’t even realize how much it’s costing them.

The Zen of White Space and Writing Better Copy

Closing the Deal: Overcoming Objections and Making the Sale

6.  If you’ve played your cards right to this point, you have an interested prospect on the verge of doing business with you.  But you still need to do a little more to overcome their natural skepticism and get them to pull the trigger.  This article shows you how.

How to Overcome Pervasive Skepticism and Write Ads People Actually Believe

Want More Tips to Turn Your Website into a Sales Machine?

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