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To People Who Want More From Their Ads (Without Selling Their Souls)…

Now… How to Make “Sleaze-Free” Sales That
Win New Customers and Snatch up Profits!

Dear Friend,

I need to tell you something. Something so obvious you probably don’t even realize it.

You’re at war.

Not a physical, “spears and shields” war… but a battle of attrition in your mind. Unfortunately, you’re losing this war. Not just losing it… but getting your butt handed to you.

This hurts your pride. A lot. Worst of all, it hurts in the sweet spot where you feel it the most: your bank account.

When did this battle begin? I’m not quite sure. Like all juicy feuds, this one probably goes back for as long as you can remember.

You didn’t pick this fight. Society did. It started it when it implanted a Trojan Horse in your mind, and the battle’s been raging ever since.

You see, that Trojan Horse wasn’t filled with fierce warriors, but with a silly notion. A notion so silly it ranks right up there with the Tooth Fairy. After years of living in your mind unchallenged, it’s festered and grown like a tumor.

That notion goes like this:

“Selling” is Inherently Sleazy. It’s Something Used Car Salesmen and
Telephone Marketers Do to Manipulate People into Spending Money

You don’t want to be lumped in with that lot, do you? I didn’t think so…

O.K. Now, this notion might be silly but it’s also dangerous. What do I mean? Well, this idea – this “sleaze” mentality – costs you customers and profits. It hamstrings your chances of financial success… without you even realizing it!

Here’s how it screws things up. You start out “fired up” about your new business. Nothing gives you more joy than the moment you finally put your plan into action, stand back, and watch it grow like a newborn baby, quarter after quarter.

The thought is nice, anyway. But experience teaches you quickly that things just don’t work like that. It teaches you that growing a business takes a ton of work, especially in today’s Twilight Zone economy.

To have a chance at success, you have to target as many people as possible, fight with competitors for their attention, and persuade them to open their wallets and give your business a shot.


To do all this – to remain profitable month after month – you need to consider all your options. You need to take advantage of any “edge” you can. And that’s when the thought hits you… what about advertising?

But wait. Here’s where the insidious notion rears its ugly head. You need to advertise… but your ads can’t “sell.” They can’t make you feel like a sleazy spammer who needs a shower afterwards to wash off all the guilt.

This leaves you in a conundrum:

You Know You Need to Advertise to Get an Edge in Your Business, but You
Aren’t Sure How to Do it Effectively Without Feeling Like Dirt.

How’s this going to work?

You’re smart enough to recognize the need to use ads to bring in new customers. But you’re also classy. You’re determined not to do it the “dirty” way.

This tension in your mind wears you out. So, you do your best to push it to the back of your thoughts. You bury yourself in the daily business grind and vow to “sort if out” later.

And what happens to your advertising budget? You’ll probably use it to launch a “classy” ad campaign and wait for the money to roll in…

In the meantime, you’ll be tempted to make yourself feel better when you don’t get the results you wanted. Maybe you’ll tell yourself something like: “the quality of my product will sell itself!”

But that’s just not how it works. Not in a time where people are exposed to tens of thousands of marketing messages each day. You need advertising… and you need it to sell.

It’s a shame: This lie that society spun for you about “selling” has you so worried about not being sleazy that you end up launching weak, ineffective ad campaigns.

Then you’re forced to sit back and watch while your competitors (with their inferior products and services) reap the rewards. Even though you’d mop the floor with them if people only knew what your business had to offer.

Does it have to be this way? Do you have to sell your soul just to put a little coin in your pocket?

Not a chance. You see:

Smart, Effective Ads Can “Sell” for You…Without Being Sleazy!

Huh? You get to “sell” and still hang on to your soul? You don’t have to sign an oath in blood to get out there and hawk your wares like you really want to?

It is possible, if you know how to make selling ethical.

How do you do that? Well, the first step is to abandon your never-ending quest for the next advertising technique, fad, or “hack” to finally make the cash register ring. You know the drill: another 6 months, another new “magic bullet” to try.

None of those marketing trends live up to their overblown claims, anyway. If they actually did what they said they would, you wouldn’t need to be out there looking for a new solution every few months. Hype, hype, hype.

O.K. Now that you’ve given up your fruitless quest for your advertising “magic bullet” (I’m sure you’re feeling more rested already), what you need to do next is to find a new strategy.

You can develop your own by reading more business books, studying human psychology, and consciously trying to rewire your brain that “selling” doesn’t necessarily mean “dirty.”

But that can take years. You can’t afford to stop advertising in the meantime… that would put your business at risk. Even worse, there’s no way to tell if your plans will even work until after you’ve sunk a lot of time and money into them.

Here’s the thing: you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You have another option. It saves you a ton of time and effort because its methods have already been developed. It isn’t trendy, if you’re into that sort of thing…

But it’s based on universal “principles of persuasion.” No flashy tricks, just old-school fundamentals that get you results. “Results” as in effective ads that add zeroes to your bank account.

Real results that come from:

Timeless, Proven Copywriting Strategies in
Your Sales and Marketing Materials!

There’s nothing sleazy about this stuff (that’s actually one of the first things about it that caught my eye). And there’s nothing fancy, either. Just tried and true strategies I can implement for you with devastating effect.

They’ve been tested over time. The slackers – the ones that didn’t put money in people’s pockets – were weeded out and discarded. Genius ad pros created them when RESULTS mattered more than a stack of foo foo advertising awards.

Here’s the thing: long-term, stable profits NEVER go out of style. They’re as timeless as the Pyramids or Levi jeans. Advertising can help you get them. But only if you stop chasing fads and focus on the gold nuggets that have been there all along.

Practical, overlooked nuggets like:

  • Irresistible Headlines that grab your prospect by the collar and literally force them to read your marketing materials
  • Clean Sales Copy that keeps the reader’s attention and pumps up their desire to buy your product or service… and yours alone
  • A Carefully-Crafted Marketing Message that highlights why your product or service is the BEST one out there to fill your prospects’ needs
  • A Thorough Explanation of how your product or service’s features translate into benefits (AKA, selling leverage) to serve your prospects’ interests
  • Unique Offers that maximize your conversions and minimize refunds and chargebacks
  • Calls to Action that urge your prospects to flip open their wallets NOW (99% of marketers out there ignore this)
  • An Understanding of Human Psychology to know which sales appeal to use to make your ideal customers “tick”
  • Inexpensive Techniques to get your message out to the largest number of people… and the ones hottest to buy your stuff… for the least money
  • A Razor Sharp Focus on Results That Matter like generating leads, converting them into customers, and turning customers into loyal fans who will tell all of their friends about you
  • Universal Selling Principles that apply to print, radio, web, TV, and any other medium you can think of.

How I Create Effective Ads for You…

Good news: almost all of your competitors have been IGNORING these gold nuggets. TV, magazines, the web, and even your own mailbox are chock-full of worthless ads whose creators don’t have a clue about how to make them sell.

So, when you launch a sales piece that I create for you – something built on proven techniques – your message cuts through the mass of garbage out there like a knife.

It takes “chance” out of the equation and lets you take control of your financial success.

Here’s how I incorporate those golden nuggets into your ads:

  • I Refuse to Manipulate or “Strong-arm” People into buying things. I won’t work with people who do. But I don’t have to rely on underhanded tactics because I stick to classic principles.
  • I Believe “Selling” Can be Ethical, and it’s My Moral Obligation to connect desperate prospects with the solution your business offers. Otherwise, they miss that chance to fix something that brings them pain.
  • I Avoid “Cute” or Clever Ads because an ad’s job is to sell… period. I’m not in it to create stuff your prospect has to “figure out,” and I’m not in it to entertain them. I’m in it to get them to open their wallets.
  • I Use Ads to Build the Long-term Relationship between you and your prospect. Most ads turn people off. But it’s more profitable for you when I use them to make a good impression and build your credibility.
  • I’m Selective because I’ve studied the masters and focus on what works. I wouldn’t touch 99.9% of the copywriting “gurus” out there with a 10-foot pole… much less subject your prospects to their unproven techniques.
  • I Don’t Cringe at the Thorough Research needed to write effective ads. Digging around your business – and discovering that unique “hook” to position it – can make the difference between a failure and a success.
  • When I Can, I Tell Stories in my ads. Good storytelling gives people something they can relate to: it captivates attention and makes your prospect more receptive to buy. It blows “traditional ads” out of the water.
  • I Don’t Give False Expectations because advertising can only channel consumer desire… it can’t create it. Ads can be deadly effective, but only when your business targets a hungry market in the first place.
  • My Independent Spirit makes me question “advertising commandments” and popular trends. I’m not interested in popularity contests; I only care about things that will make your ad more effective.
  • I’m Willing to Improvise and make the most of tight advertising budgets. I will work with you to sharpen your focus on your most “ideal” customers. This makes your ads cost-effective and increases conversions.

My Limited Offer: A No-Risk Opportunity for You to “Test Drive”
My Copywriting Services in Your Next Sales Piece…

I trust in my abilities to create great ads for you. Ads that win you customers, sales, and profits.

But I don’t want you to “take my word” for it…

I’d rather let your satisfaction be the guide. Plus, this is the perfect opportunity for me to help out some fellow entrepreneurs by offering them reasonable rates while I build my client base.

So, here’s my offer to you: a no-risk chance for you to “test drive” my copywriting services.

How does this work? Well, first we’ll get in touch. I’ll ask you a few questions about your business and the ad project you have planned. Then we’ll agree on a rate and I’ll get to work.

But here’s the thing: I DON’T want you to send me a dime until after you’ve seen the finished project and are 100% satisfied with it.

If you want me to make a few changes, let me know and I’ll be happy to. If that doesn’t clear things up, we’ll wipe the slate. Don’t worry about paying me (just don’t use the ad). And we’ll go our separate, merry ways… no harm, no foul.

I only want you to compensate me if you’re happy with the result.

Does this leave me vulnerable to people whom take advantage of generous offers? Absolutely. But I trust you’ll deal in good faith… and it’s the best way to show you just how serious I am about putting my skills to work for you.

I can’t afford to make this offer for long. There are too many scammers out there eager to rip off someone’s time and effort. But for now – to all the good guys and girls – why don’t you let me show you what I can do to help your business grow?

Because for now… you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Interested? Just send me a message. We’ll feel each other out and I’ll be happy to answer any questions. Then we’ll see if we can warm up to the idea of working together for our mutual (profitable) benefit.

Just think of it like a blind date. Without the pressure!



Corey J. Pemberton

P.S. I can apply these strategies in pretty much any sales context. Because they’re based on fundamental principles, they’re effective in sales letters, landing pages, email marketing, etc. Just run your idea by me and we can talk more.

P.P.S. Whether we end up working together or not, I wish you all the best in your business ventures.