Business Blogging

Everyone says “content is king”…

But most software blogs make it look more like the court jester.

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as pouring your heart and soul into a blog post only to get nothing in return. Zero new leads or customers. No engagement. Nothing but a migraine and a bucket full of regret.

You have a million things to worry about to grow your business. Connecting with your target customers on your blog shouldn’t be one of them.

That’s where I come in.

Benefits of Copy Arc Business Blogging

Leverages the power of storytelling and copywriting to engage readers and get them coming back for more

Get dense, technical subjects broken down in a way your target customers understand and value

Publish articles engineered to build lasting relationships that produce customers and sales

What You’ll Get

  • Comprehensive pre-writing research on every post
  • Images, links, and screenshots to support key points and concepts
  • Scannable posts packed with actionable advice
  • Up to 2 rounds of revisions per article
  • Engagement with anyone who leaves a comment in response to the articles

What If I Don’t Have a Software Business?

No problem!

I focus mostly on creating business-oriented content for small to mid-sized software businesses. But I’m comfortable researching, writing and marketing in a wide variety of niches, with an eye toward breaking down technical subjects into easy-digestible content.

I’ve also worked in the health and fitness, healthcare, self-improvement and other lifestyle markets, and would be happy to discuss working with you in a different niche. Check out my portfolio to find out more.

Okay, Great. How Much is This Going to Cost?

My pricing structure for freelance blog articles is simple.

Rate: $175 / 1,000 words

I know there are content mills out there offering posts for a fraction of this price. But you get what you pay for. Those posts tend to be sloppy, unorganized, and about as useful to your target customers as a flat tire.

If bargain prices are a higher priority to you than quality, we probably aren’t a good match. I wish you all the greatest success. But I’m looking for clients who want the best – people who understand premium content is an investment that’ll pay off for months and years down the line.

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