All Systems Go

Systems saved my life.


It’s so easy to focus on where you want to be that you forget where you are right now — and all the steps you need to take in between.

This happens all the time with marketing.

You get busy. Lose sleep over the day to day grind of running your business. All the while, these lofty goals linger in the dark corners of your thoughts.

“Increase my email list by 100% within the next six months.”

“Grow my revenue to six figures by the end of the year.”

The more they stay there, unattended, the more insurmountable they seem.

You find yourself scrambling. Reading about Facebook advertising at three in the morning, or writing endless batches of blog posts…

All trying to force a specific outcome to happen.

Sounds miserable, right?

It is. I’ve been there. Spent way too much time there. If I’m not careful, I drift back there sometimes.

Enter systems.

They aren’t as sexy as “make $100,000 this year” or “increase traffic by 50%.” Sometimes they’re tedious. The day to day effort you have to put in. They feel like hard work.

But systems will save you too. They’re your way to dissect those gigantic dreams and turn them into something manageable.

Are you doing this for your marketing?

What are you doing day in and day out to build your visibility?

It might be blogging, emailing, or making videos. Maybe you’re a podcaster or social media junkie. Even “inefficient” marketing systems will bear fruit if you stick with them.

Best of all: you control them completely!

Systems fill lead pipelines. Build traffic. Bring in more opportunities than you can shake your fist at.

All you have to do is take a step today, tomorrow, and the day after that. It’s fun to entertain huge goals sometimes, imagine how great it will be once you get up that mountain.

But systems turn those goals into inevitable byproducts.

Doesn’t that sound like a saner, less stressful way to thrive in business?

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